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Suicide... NO more should it hide, shine light and FIGHT!

As of 2014 per the CDC, suicide is the second leading cause of death in age groups 10-14, 15-24, 24-34. Suicide has surpassed stroke in 45-54 year olds.


From 1999 to 2014, suicide rates have risen:

24-34 yrs olds - 29%

15-24 yrs olds - 29%

10-14yr olds a heartbreaking SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT!!!

Are these statistics acceptable for anyone???


So... what can we do???


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  • We can raise money for people that are qualified to help. Our organization knows of several venues (Jacksonville, FL - Augusta, GA - Charlotte & Ashville, NC - Richmond, VA - Harrisburg & State College, PA) that can host an event like Swatara Gap N' Back. So stay tuned... more locations are coming.
  • We can benefit at the local level (local to the event) to make sure resources go directly to those that are in need.
  • We can spread word of the PREVALENCE of this tragedy in our society.
  • We can NO LONGER ACCEPT this as the NORM in or culture today!
  • We can get involved with Swatara Gap N' Back as a participant or volunteer! It will be fun, click HERE and check it out!

There is probably more we are not thinking of but for now, lastly....

  • We can change all the 'cans' to WILL!

We need an educated, caring and conscientious community to be advocates for those struggling inside. Often these internal battles cannot be won by good parents/family alone. Teachers, doctors, and peers… all have vital rolls to play. In some cases, process failures in the health and educational communities need to be identified and remediated.

We need to care for the survivors of suicide. Moms, dads, brothers, sisters... their lives will never be the same. The pain, guilt, failure... these are all part of the horrors that suicide survivors endure. Additionally, the increased potential in subsequent suicides, divorce, depression, PTSD and financial pressures associated with treatment... all attempting to destroy what is left of the family. Joy in a survivor's life must be actively pursued and when found, must be allowed.

This is a tragedy
latest data I compiled up to 2014 from
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